“Why did I want to become a chiropractor?… simply to see great benefits in people’s health!”



I always had an interest in the human body, and initially studied psychology and biology, then I moved on to exercise physiology.  I worked for a short time as a personal trainer but over time wanted to work more closely with assisting the body with the healing process.

Then over many years I studied naturopathy and acupuncture.  But I was on a quest to accumulate as much knowledge as I could so that I would be able to address any condition that walked through the door.

This lead me to chiropractic which gave me the tools I needed to be as effective as I could possibly be.  After graduating chiropractic which completed about 15 years of tertiary education, I have spent many hundreds of hours learning different chiropractic techniques.  I settled on a combination of Neural Organisation Technique (NOT) and Applied Kinesiology (AK) which enable me to achieve the best results for my patients My goal for every patient is to take them from a position of under-functioning to full function and optimum performance. 

I love my career as a chiropractor because I become a part of seeing people achieve a higher quality of life through greater health.  Whether someone presents with shin splints, shoulder, neck or back pain, tennis elbow or wrist pain, my study enables me to help patients with whatever their health complaint is.

Chiropractic is an amazing modality, as at Peak Performance we address the muscles as much as we do the spine or other joints of the body.  The combination of adjustments with muscle balance provides greater stability for the musculo-skeletal system.

Some people have been turned off chiropractic due to a past experience where they were hurt by an adjustment.  At Peak Performance Chiropractic & Sports Clinic there are many low force options for those that are scared of manipulations to the spine that achieve the same result.  If you are experiencing a health complaint chiropractic may be the modality you have been looking for.


All the best,


Dr Michael Crockett (chiropractor)